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What is a Black Hat Search Engine Optimization?


In knowing what is the meaning of a black hat SEO in a understanding it philosophically by the help of symbols of color black which symbolizes bad or negative. It is called black hat SEO due to its techniques that uses negative ways in doing a specific website.


Black hat SEO uses techniques that evaluate the rule and regulations of doing it; they do not obey on how to do that certain thing by following the rules. Mostly, black hat SEO make a website that uses aggressive techniques just to be on top of the search engine rankings. They violates the set standard regulations by the system just to get what they really want. Some of the techniques used by them are putting many keywords to the website to be easily found in the search engine by the people who are looking for the information, even unrelated links to support the website even though it has no use to the website, or not related at all. And the most known type used by the black hat SEO is the page swapping in which after the webpage has been promoted to be on top of the rankings it will be changed to other contents.


Link manipulation is also one of the doings of a black hat SEO, in link manipulation it includes the buying of links from others. They even made websites that has viruses in it, ready to infect the computer files and data, website behavior that is not good, Trojan that is ready to kick the saved files and corrupt it, phishing site that can get valuable information if the surfer or client is not educated enough and many other malwares. Black hat SEO also created pages, or sub-pages to support a main webpage by linking to it.


Black hat SEO must be avoided at all cost, and must not be followed and practiced at all, because the search engines like Google can eliminate and banned the website that is practicing this kind of actions, do not think of the search engine system will trace or catch you, because in fact, they know every details of it.