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The Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

In differentiating the two hats, there is only a thing that differentiates them is the techniques used by them. The two of them uses different kind of techniques to improve their website’s ranking in the search engine.

White hat SEO has the techniques that focus more about their audience interaction to their website. They practiced following the rules and regulation of a search engine system by not violating or breaking any standard rules set by the search engine system administration. Those people who practiced using white hat SEO are usually planning a long term-investment and effect to their website. Usually the techniques used by them are keywords analyzing, studying about on how to improve the website by doing research about it and the technique most used by the white hat SEO is link building by getting many links from other websites. In the white hat SEO it is better to have a good quality of website content, it must be updated from time to time, because white hat SEO is usually or the human audiences and not just by the search and engines for the betterment of the ranking position in the future.

While the black hat SEO typically uses set of techniques that violates and break the rules that are set by the search engine standard rules and regulations, that is set to be followed. Unlike from the white hat SEO, black hat SEO make a website for the search engine only and not by the human audiences. Black hat SEO practitioners usually are doing it by getting back their financial quick return. Some of their techniques are about the content of the website, this website might content viruses that can easily destroy data ones it is entered, phishing that can get valuable information if the account is not secured enough to deal such malware and other malwares that is not good. Black hat SEO practitioner consequence if they get is by banning the website, exterminating it in the internet and even penalizing those people behind it.


Both of them depends on clients budget and how willing the clients to compete on the competition thus , different seo packages is applied. Have various techniques on how to improve the website ranking and it depends now on the user on what to choose, keep in mind that you just have to be prepared for the consequences.